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Did you know that most bathroom remodels have a 60% return on investment? And if you spend your money wisely that margin increases. We offer free in home consultations on ideas and tips on updating or remodeling your bathroom to get the biggest bang for your buck. The average cost to remodel a bathroom is around 15-20,000$ and the average cost to update a bathroom is around 3500-7000$. But if you give us a call we can help get that price down and also get your return on investment up. So are you ready to update and or modernize your existing bathroom? Or maybe you want a full remodel of your existing bathroom and floor plan? Give us a call today for a free estimate and consultation.

We can also help design layout and help to choose the right materials to use to fit your needs.  We are able to convert bathrooms with bathtubs to bathroom with walk in shower and are also able to install grab bars and shower doors. We can handle everything in your bathroom from flooring, framing, trim work, plumbing and electrical needs. 

Also since starting this company our final invoices have always been the same or less than the estimate given. The reason for this is we expect the unexpected. We account for problems that are probably hiding behind walls and under flooring. This way everything is fixed properly and the customer does not end up owing more money half way through the project. It also covers updates such as adding GFI outlets for safety, new bathroom vents for proper venting of bathroom, waterlines, shut offs etc. It also covers the price of new flooring if needed when we remove bathtub and new shower/tub doesnt match up exactly with old floor line.

***We offer a 1 year parts and labor warranty on all bathroom remodels completed.

This is what our bathroom remodels cover:

High quality tub/shower
New tub/shower drain kit
3 piece Surround or tile surround
Shower door/ sliding door/ shower curtain
Any grab bars if needed for safety
New faucet for tub/shower
New Vanity
New vanity faucet
New medicine cabinet or mirror
Overhead light
Bathroom vent
New toilet
New flooring if needed
Trim updated as needed
Doors, trim, walls, ceilings painted with high quality paint

Any electrical issues resolved
Any plumbing issues resolved and updated including old shutoffs, drain lines and water lines.
It also covers any water damage discovered such as damaged subfloors, damaged 2x4 lumber in walls, drywall issues including cracking and settling, nail pops, etc. 

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